• The Vision Statement

It is fundamental for every staff member of the Hardap Regional Council to understand and internalize the Vision Statement because this will serve as a powerful motivational tool. The below vision statement serves as the roadmap by providing focus and direction for the Council.

  • The Core Values

These values are the core identities and believe of the HRC that influences the staff members’ attitudes and behaviour. They are considered to be the timeless guiding principles, deeply held beliefs within the HRC and should be demonstrated through the day to day behaviours of all staff members. The below listed values makes an open proclamation about how the HRC expects everyone to behave.


  • The Mandate

The Mandate is fundamentally important in the process of developing the Strategic Plan and this was examined as to what the Hardap Regional Council was meant to do under the legislations which set them up.


  • The Mission Statement

This overarching Mission Statement provides the starting point by defining why the HRC exists. It defines the nature and core purpose of the Hardap Regional Council. It is based on the Council’s Mandate as expressed in our specific legislations.