Derived from the Regional Councils Act, 22 of 1992, Section 28 (1) (i-vi) i.e. Planning the development of the region which among others includes:

  • Socio-economic development
  • Sustainable utilization of natural resources
  • Enhancement of economic stability through local empowerment
  • Facilitate infrastructure development
  • To coordinate broad-based grassroots participation in development planning and implementation of development projects that are responsive to locally defined needs and priorities (derived from the Decentralization Enabling Act No.33 of 2000)


  • Establish the link between regional development plan and National Development Plans (Vision 2030, NDP's)
  • Advise on the economic development of the region in relation to national economic policies and strategies;
  • Provide guidance, support and monitor regional planning and development exercises and processes within the Regional Council;
  • Enhance, strengthen and consolidate regional partnerships;
  • Support the design and implementation of relevant Public Participation mechanisms and approaches for involving citizens in regional public affairs;
  • Provide planning expertise and guidance to develop coordinating committees in the region;
  • Ensure projects identified and submitted for RDCC consideration are in line with agreed formats;
  • Develop and Monitor Settlement Areas


  • Ensure sustainable supply of safe water to rural communities in line with the relevant CBM aspect of the Water Supply and Sanitation Policy and the regional development plan;
  • Ensure fair distribution of land in line with the policy on Lands Resettlement and Rehabilitation;
  • Ensure balance between Regional Development and the maintenance of forestry and conservation;
  • Ensure an affordable housing provision especially of the low-income individuals and groups;

Coordinate Delegated functions:

  • Rural Water Supply
  • Rural Electrification
  • Housing (Social Housing and Build Together), Resettlement and Rehabilitation
  • Environment & Rural Sanitation (Bucket System-once off programme)
  • Forestry and Conservation


  • Establishing regional technical policies, standards and guidelines on the provision of new infrastructure and maintenance of existing infrastructure in line with national policies, standards and guidelines;
  • Executing, facilitating and guiding development planning, design, contract administration and inspection services for new infrastructure in the region;
  • Executing, facilitating and guiding development planning, design, contract administration and inspection services for maintaining and executing minor renovations to existing infrastructure in the region;
  • Providing, coordinating and advising on engineering inputs needed for the planning design of technical infrastructure
  • Facilitate the receipt of delegated functions;
  • Civil and electrical engineers of MOW attached to regional council;


  • Provide strategic direction on socio-economic matters pertaining to rural development, planning and development and technical services in the region.
  • Integrate regional development plans;
  • Oversee the implementation of regional development plans, to achieve objectives in line with sub-sector policies and guidelines;
  • Oversee the implementation of capacity building measures within the Directorate at community level to enable sub-sector policies, strategies and guidelines to be affected.
  • Ensure proper coordination between various stakeholders through establishment and participation in national and regional forums;
  • Collect and treat data within the region and work closely with the CBS office;
  • Coordinate and supervise activities of RACOC in the region;
  • Initiate Capital Budget and monitor implementation of capital projects;
  • Coordinate delegated functions
  • Coordinate & facilitate integration of the sectoral Plans
  • Monitor & Evaluate of sectoral Development and identify and promote regional potential
  • Prepare development budget for the Council;
  • Directorate covers major parts of the Strategic themes and relates mostly customer perspective.


Directorate of Planning & Development comprises of Three (3) Divisions:

- Three Sub-divisions:

  1. Development Planning
  2. Economic Planning
  3. Population & Statistics

- Sub-divisions: Based on delegated functions (approved HRC structure)

  1. Housing
  2. Rural Water Supply
  3. Sanitation and & Environment
  4.  Land Reform
  5.  Resettlement & Rehabilitation
  6.  Forestry and Conservation
  7. Information and Technology
  8. Gender & Research
  9. Child Welfare services
  10. Community Empowerment


- Four Sub-divisions

1. Infrastructure Planning
2. Design and Contract administration
3. Works Inspection
4. Maintenance Services

Main Achievements

  • Construction of 128 VIP toilets & 60 flushing toilets throughout the region
  •  Electrification of growth points throughout the region (2 annually depending on budget)
  • Construction of Hoachanas & Kriess settlement offices
  • Construction of Daweb and Aranos constituency offices
  • Construction of the Hardap Regional Council Office Park in Mariental
  • Construction of toilets in Maltahohe, Gibeon and Klein-Aub (Eradication of the bucket system)
  •  Construction of water-borne toilets in Hoachanas and Kriess
  • Construction of Phase 1 & 2 Sewerage and Water in Hoachanas
  • Klein-Aub Phase 6: Sewerage reticulation and sewerage ponds completed

Main Planned Activities

  • Construction of 232 VIP toilets
  • Construction of water trickling system at the Rural Development Centre
  • Construction of internal site power reticulation at the Rural Development Centre
  • Rural electrification
  • Construction of rural toilets
  • Construction of bulk water supply and storage services in Schlip
  • Construction of water & sewerage (Phase 7) in Klein-Aub
  • Construction water & sewer (Phase 3) in Hoachanas
  • Formalization of Sonderwater in Klein Aub
  • Develop Economic profiles for settlements
  • Facilitate investment proposals Asab & Voightsgrund
  • Mainstream HIV and AIDS activities in developmental programmes
  • Conduct assessment on Hoachanas Settlement layout

The Deputy Director Planning and Development is currently the overall overseer of all the Regional Delegated Functions  (MICT, MGECW, DWSS,MLR )


Ms S. Luipert
Director:  Development Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation