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The Hardap Region is commonly known as the agricultural hub of the region, as per visible crop and livestock production of small scale farming.  However, due to the recent drought outbreak and the Covid-19 pandemic, farmers had felt the immense pressure on livestock and crop production. The Government in its effort to aid in eliminating poverty within severely affected areas, assisted farmers through the Agricultural Relief program, providing supplementary licks and fodders all over the country, with Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Land Reform as the implementing agent.

A small scale crop production project, which started off nine years back on the outskirts of Maltahohe and Chaired by Mr. Oubaas Hanse, made enormous improvement with the aim to expand and produce on large scale for export to international markets. With an already existing structure in place, which only need renovation for creating segments for sorting, grading and storing with the aim to export internationally, the project will be an national success. Currently, its produce are sold locally within the region, and as part of its social responsibility to plough back into the community, vegetables are donated to the local schools' feeding programme for vulnerable children.

The project already in its advance stage, received technical and financial support from the Japanese Government (JSB fund) Build Back Better programme (main donor), AMTA, UN sister agencies UNICEF,UNDP and FAO, through the implementing partner Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Land Reform.  AMTA will assist with the feasibility study of what the market requires, to give guidance and to be provide training to farmers in order to secure more markets. The project, at present had a contract agreement with AMTA, of which a certain hectare of produce will be sold by AMTA, cutting the time and effort to seek for market and in doing so promote self-sustainability, while expanding its production level.

Monitoring of the project will be done quarterly by UNDP to verify project outputs and the project impact evaluation at the end of the project will be conducted by an independent evaluator.

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The Ministry of Urban and Rural Development in collaboration with Ministry of Information, Communication and Technology, and Hardap Regional Council engaged itself in the documentary of the sanitation projects in the Hardap Region. The objective was to ensure decent sanitation services are delivered within the region to rural communities and to follow-up on progress made from the use of the bucket system by elevating to latrine toilets in rural and informal settlement areas.  The team visited rural and informal settlement areas and encountered that few of the old bucket system is still in used in Hoachanas Settlement.  However, an observable huge improvement on newly constructed toilets as well as a sewerage system could be seen in order to abolish the use of the bucket system. 

Another momentous developmental achievement was the recently finalized water treatment plant in Hoachanas Settlement on 26 July 2021, with a total budget of N$ 1,5 000 000.00 by contractor Aqua Services  as well as the Settlement planning process that is in its 2nd phase of which the implementation of activities will kick off in middle August 2021.

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