• Hon: Councilor Riaan C Mc Nab
    Rehoboth Rural Constituancy 

First of all I want to thank all the people in our constituency for believing in me and find me fit with this responsibility to be your tool in all developmental needs. I humbly appreciate the trust you have bestowed upon me and pray that God will equip me in whatever I need to change the lives of our people for the best.

Our Founding Father and Hero of this Nation, Dr. Sam Nujoma has left clear marks of dedication and commitment for all of us to follow; therefore I can assure you that we have a clear directive and that of implementing government programs. I vowed not to operate in isolation but rather mobilize and pool resources collectively to root out the evils of GBV, to progressively create job employment in order to eradicate poverty. Let us work hard and be focused to reach economic independency for you our beloved Nation. I must commend and applaud our Swapo Party Government in its efforts by putting great emphasis on Education, Health, Rural Development and promotion of Industries that create more jobs such as food production, Tourism, Housing, Sanitation as well as the construction of roads to improve the performance of the country’s economy and thereby address the unemployment situation in our country.

We called on all our people to be dedicated and committed as workforce of our Beloved Country to ensure prosperity and independency for each of us. We as Namibians are strong and brave, we have inherit a spirit of no retreat, no surrender from our heroes and heroines, therefore I urge you our fellow Namibians to continue to stand strong with that same pride, dignity, integrity, commitment and boldness as our National Leaders did in order to reach vision 2030.